We have been established since early 2014 with the simple goal of making video games less expensive. Platforms like Steam have great sales and offers during promotional periods such as their summer and winter sales - but outside of those times games can be quite expensive.

An example of this: Call of Duty Black Ops II is currently $59.99 or £39.99 in the steam store (price as of 24th April 2016). However, we are able to sell this game steadily at less than half price because the game is over 3 years old. Our current price is in the region of $17.

We are often asked where we buy our games if we are able to sell them so cheaply - compared to the regular Steam price. Obviously we cannot give out the names of our wholesalers, however, since being established for over 2 years, we have searched and researched all of our wholesalers thoroughly. We only buy our stock from reliable and trustworthy sources - that are authenticated resellers.

We have just recently created our store on eCrater (April 2016), but we sell on multiple platforms online - such as eBay.

We are online to dispatch orders between the hours of:
9am - 11pm - UK
4am - 6pm - US east coast